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Zello App: Makes your phone a Walkie Talkie allowing you make calls when Phone reception is poor

Zello App turns smartphones into "walkie talkies" has topped Apple's App Store after one million people downloaded in preparation for the onslaught of Hurricane Irma. The Zello app was first released in Russia under a different name back in 2007.
                                                         zello-All you do is press the button and then speak
Zello is a communications app which lets people stay in touch when their reception is poor.
Although it doesn't work when there's absolutely no mobile signal, it uses less bandwidth than normal phone calls and can work when reception is very poor.

Alexey Gavrilov, founder of Zello, wrote: "We have seen a large number of people signing up for Zello in preparation for Hurricane Irma.

"Over 1 million people have joined in the last day, with most coming from Puerto Rico and Florida."

However, he said that Zello would only work when there was still a phone signal.

"If there is no wifi and no cellular data service, communication apps (including Zello) won’t work," he added.

"However, this may not be an issue because, historically, mobile data networks have often remained at least partially operational, even after a severe disaster.
                                                          zello app allows you to talk to other people who are nearby
"Cellular towers include battery or generator backup power, which lets them stay online for at least 2 hours, even after grid power is lost."
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"While Zello has been helpful in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, it is not a hurricane rescue tool and is only as useful as the people who use it, and as reliable as the data network available."

Zello is available for iPhone, Blackberry and even Windows desktop computers.



  1. zello is really a great app...I actually had already heard of it but this reminds be to start using it again. I like the instant quick delivery.

  2. This app looks interesting. It's a first time I hear about it, and it definitely looks useful.

  3. I haven't heard about this app before, but it looks amazing. Especially for us who love to explore different places.

  4. I hadn't heard of heard app until Hurricane Irma. It would be useful for family trips too. Keeping in touch around a Disney resort.

  5. Oh my gosh this is such an awesome app!!! I'm going to download it today--- so useful!! Shell

  6. great app, we would have fun with this app!

  7. I talked to some friends from Houston who used this to keep in t ouch with their friends and family during the hurricane. What a useful app!

  8. I definitely need this! Hope it works in other countries too.

  9. I had never heard of this app, but it certainly sounds like it would be a great idea for anybody with a smartphone to have! Especially in the wake of so many bizarre weather events, having SOME way to communicate would be essential, possibly even life-saving!

  10. Sounds like a good tool to help during natural disasters or in rural areas where coverage is poor! Thanks for sharing!

  11. This would be a very helpful app to have especially in emergency situations or while on the road and signal is poor. I will let my family know about this.