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WhatsApp adds picture-in-picture support for video calls

WhatsApp just updated it's app to a stable version with a couple of features that it added to the beta version a while back. 
                                                        whatsApp-picture-in-picture support
Users can now enjoy PiP video calls and have text-only Status messages. We have already discussed the YouTube Video Support feature before so we will just talk about PiP here.
                                                          whatsapp-picture-in-picture support PiP or picture-in-picture mode is a feature of Android Oreo that lets a video element continue to run in a small window even if the main app is minimized. WhatsApp takes advantage of this feature by letting you minimize your video call to a small window if you leave the main app and switch to something else on your phone.
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The PiP functionality is only available on Android devices running Oreo.

Download this stable version on android

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