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How To Send Money Online With Thrivesend at ₦45 To Other Banks

Yes! You read correctly, you can now send money online to another bank in Nigeria (Interbank Transfer) with just 45 as the transaction fee, instead of the 100 currently charged by our Local banks today for Internet/mobile money Transfers from one account to another.

What is Thrivesend?

Thrivesend is the swift, secure and easy money transfer solution for swift transfers via all Nigerian issued and International cards to any Nigerian bank account at only 45 per transaction.

Thrivesend lets you send money online using just your ATM card and the bank details of the recipient for just 45 per transaction. Hence, it is more profitable for interbank transfers that charge you 100 per transaction to other banks

How To Use ThriveSend To Send Money online For ₦45 Only

Thrivesend website

  • Input the amount you wish to send and Push Send as shown above.
  • Next, enter your email address, Recipient's (the person you are sending money to) account number and Bank Name.


  • Input your Debit card details. Don't worry it is a secured connection, so you are safe.
  • Then your BVN. If you don't know it, Dial *565*0# on the phone number registered in your Bank account.


  • Next, verify your phone number.


  • In order to validate the card usage, Enter the OTP sent to your phone number or use your Hardware Token.
  • Click Verify Transfer. that is it!

Some FAQs About Thrivesend

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees. You will only be charged 45 per transaction.

Does Thrivesend have an app?

Yes it is on the Google Play and App Store

What’s the minimum and maximum limit per transfer?

The minimum amount that can be transferred on Thrivesend is 500, while the maximum amount is 100,000.

Does thrivesend platform save my card details?

No. it don’t save card details. You card details are masked for processing and passed in a secure element to your bank.

Who can I reach out to if I experience any issues using Thrivesend?

Send us a message on our 24/7 customer support live chat on our website or app. You can also shoot us an email at:

Can I save my beneficiary’s information so I don’t have to type it every time?

Yes, you can. Thrivesend automatically remembers the beneficiaries you have transferred funds to in the past, saving you the stress of typing in their details for future transfers.

What kinds of cards are allowed on Thrivesend?

All Nigerian issued and International cards from all banks are welcome on Thrivesend.

Can I receive money with Thrivesend?

Yes, you can. Simply tell the payer/sender to credit your account through Thrivesend.

What is the fee for International Card transfers on Thrivesend?

For international card transfers, we would charge you a transfer fee of  45 + 3.5% of the amount you are sending to your recipient.

Will I get an alert from my bank when I make a transfer on Thrivesend?

Absolutely! For all transfers you make on Thrivesend, your bank should send you a debit alert while your recipients gets a corresponding credit alert from their respective banks.

You have now successfully sent money online to another account with just 45 transaction fee instead of the usual 100.

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