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New Facebook Update supports Gifs in comments

Gifs allow you to express your joy or add some comedy to posts on social media. These are already present in twitter comments, before now, you can only use gifs by adding a GIF link from Giphy, Imgur and other sites to your status updates, and it'll play inline like magic (uploads won't work), and again its use was hampered by the fact that it only extended to a small group of facebook users.
To celebrate 30 years of the Graphics Interchange Format, the company has lifted the restriction, making GIFs available to all. Now, when you visit or open the official Facebook apps, you will notice a small GIF icon that sits just beside an emoji inside the comment box. This opens up a small box that contains a search function and a collection of trending GIFs. 

 Note that Giphy and Tenor are powering things underneath the hood, so there's an extensive selection of reactions to choose from.

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