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Google trip planner: Plan your day like Magic

Google Trip planner makes it less demanding than ever  to arrange and plan your outings. It naturally maps out a half day or an entire day with proposals for things to see and do. Don’t like what you see? Tap the "magic wand" to see all the more nearby sights. Each tap of the wand gives you a crisp arrangement of adjacent attractions. With google trip planner you have a tour guide right in your hands.

Google Trip planner
Discover things you need to do
Need to know what galleries are in strolling distance? Or, on the other hand find the best restaurant in Lagos? Done. From cafes to parks to beaches, Google Trips shows you tons of cool things near and far, so you can find your next destination faster.

All your travel information in one place
Presently you can discover travel details like reservations and confirmation numbers in one simple application. Google Trips just accumulates your travel data from Gmail and Inbox, then sorts it out naturally. Additionally, the whole application is accessible offline, so you can see your data wherever you are.

Google Trips naturally pulls in your travel plans from Gmail. This is the start screen you’ll see right when you open it, customized for your travel plans.

You can download data about each destination by tapping the toggle button.
Presently I can read about things to do, nearby refreshment and drink spots and that's only the tip of the iceberg.
By  chance I tap the "reservations" button, I approach my flight information, my affirmation number and even information on my seats. I can share this information, or change it by including lodging reservations, car rentals and many more.
Need to know Google Trip planner

Or, on the other hand I can find out about things to do in New York.Each listing has reviews, the exact location, a phone number and more. There’s even a “Need to Know” page with data on hospitals and urgent care. Or complete travel plans to explore each city. Google Trip planner is free and has turned into my go-to application for travel. Make sure to download it before your next excursion.

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